6 Common Ford B-Max Problems

by Dec 15, 2022Problems

Ford is known for producing economical and dependable automobiles. The Ford B-Max is a minivan that fits this description. This little automobile nonetheless manages to be roomy inside, efficient in gas consumption, and functional in most situations. But what are the most often encountered issues with the Ford B Max?

Many Ford B-Max owners have had difficulties with their diesel particulate filter, automatic gearbox, battery drain, electrical system, steering system, or rear window. The Ford B-Max has few flaws in comparison to similar vehicles.

Here are some common Ford B-Max Problems

1. Automatic Gearbox Problems

For the Ford B-Max, the automatic transmission seems to be the source of the majority of customer complaints. When the odometer hits 30,000 km, the transmission starts acting up. When this occurs, you could notice things like slippage, vibrations, and various shift patterns in the MPV.


Slipping gears, excessive heat, fluid leakage, the presence of the “check engine” light, strange noises, and excessive shaking or grinding are all indicators of a malfunctioning automatic gearbox. After more than 30,000 km on your vehicle, if you see any of these symptoms, you may assume that your automatic transmission is failing.

Solution for Automatic Gearbox Problems

  1. If you notice symptoms of a failing automatic transmission such as slipping gears or fluid leakage, consider having your gearbox inspected and repaired by a professional. Alternatively, you may opt to replace the entire transmission.

Automatic gearbox repairs may be expensive and time-consuming, but they are crucial. A other option is to swap out the transmission entirely.

2. DPF Problem

On the Ford B-Max equipped with the 1.5-liter engine, this problem is frequent. When the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is turned off while it is undergoing regeneration, complications might arise. As a result, the oil system becomes contaminated with gasoline, steadily raising oil levels. Therefore, it may harm the motor.

Solution for DPF Problem

  • Maintain a regular cleaning routine to prevent clogging of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). If the DPF is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Clogging of the DPF is another common issue with DPFs. Almost every Ford vehicle suffers from this problem. But this is all avoidable if you keep up with your cleaning routine. However, a damaged DPF must be replaced.

3. Steering Problem

Two frequent complaints about the Ford Fiesta’s handling are the vehicle’s power steering and lack of responsiveness. The company recalled cars in 2006 because of problems with the steering columns, which might make it difficult to steer.

The second concern is a failure of the power steering belt, which might cause instability in the power steering’s regulation. There should be no damage to the steering column, but if there is, it should be replaced.


Solution for Steering Problem

  • Inspect the steering column and power steering belt for any damages. Replace if necessary.

4. Battery Goes Flat Quickly

A number of Ford B-Max owners have complained about the vehicle’s tendency to quickly deplete its battery. An electrical problem with the vehicle was the primary cause of the accidents.

Solution for Battery Going Flat Quickly

  • Check if your car’s electronics are in good working order before assuming the battery is dead. Furthermore, some individuals fail to switch off the electricity, which causes the battery to deplete.


5. Faulty Rear Windows

The back glass of certain Ford B-Maxes has been reported to be defective. This makes it difficult to open or shut the window. cracked window seals are the primary culprit here. Inadequate installation increases the risk of window seal failure over time. 



  • Replace the old window seals with new ones to resolve issues with opening or closing the rear windows.

6. Electrical problems

The Ford B-fast-draining Max’s battery is the primary source of electrical issues. Therefore, several electrical components may fail if the battery dies.

This may lead to a blown fuse or other electrical issues. Most of these issues may be avoided if you keep your Ford B-battery Max’s fully charged at all times.



  • Keep your Ford B-Max’s battery fully charged to prevent electrical issues like blown fuses


What’s the reliability of the Ford B Max?

The Ford B-Max really is a rock-solid vehicle. Compared to other Ford models, it has less than 200 total complaints. The cost of repair and replacement components is low, too, so you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune keeping this vehicle in good working order. This vehicle has been given an above-average dependability rating by the majority of reliability rating organizations, which is also excellent.

Is it costly to maintain a Ford B Max?

The Ford B-Max, on the contrary, has one of Ford’s lowest maintenance costs. Both the servicing and the replacement components are reasonably priced. Furthermore, there are just a few automobile complaints, indicating that it does not often break down. It gets poor MPG and costs little to nothing in annual road tax.

Is the Ford B-Max a compact automobile?

The Ford B-MAX is, indeed, a supermini MPV. This automobile is more roomy than others in its class despite being a compact. As a result of its elevated layout, both passengers and cargo will enjoy more space. Because of its many useful features, this compact MPV is among the finest on the market. That’s more cargo than the typical minivan can hold.

Ford B-Max production was halted, but why?

Ford B-Max production was halted due to low profits. Ford has already said that it would keep replacing loss-making models with more lucrative ones. There were other models from Ford, such as the B-Max. The buyers of this vehicle, however, are pleased with their choice.

How long is the Ford B-Max expected to last?

The Ford B-Max is a tough supermini MPV despite its short lifespan. After a decade on the market, few complaints have been lodged about this vehicle, proving its dependability. As a result, the Ford B-Max, when cared for properly, should easily go over 200,000 kilometers.

Final Thoughts

The Ford B-Max is an excellent supermini MPV because of its roomy cabin and simple sliding doors. Furthermore, this MPV is economical to operate, dependable, and has several safety features. The Ford B-Max has several great options, but prospective purchasers should be aware of and prepared to address a few issues.

Overall, it’s a good vehicle at a reasonable price that’s perfect for young families. It is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Its starting cost is greater than that of its rivals, nevertheless.

If you’re driving a Ford B-max, it’s essential to be aware of the most common problems that owners face. That way, you can stay on top of maintenance and keep your car running smoothly. While some issues are more severe than others, all seven problems are relatively common among Ford B-max owners.

If you’re experiencing any of them, don’t hesitate to take your car to a mechanic. In the meantime, you can always find quality used Ford B-max Spares from our network of Ford Scrap yards.