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Used Spares Vs New Spares

In our suppliers’ warehouses, we exclusively find high-quality Ford replacement parts. They were in use, but they’ll work well for years to come even if they’re old. These are all-original components that fit perfectly with any Ford model they belong to. Many different models and years of production are available.

Why Buying Used Parts Makes Sense

When purchasing a new original part, car owners are aware that the price is always the same. South African Ford scrap yards provide the greatest pricing on old components. These are genuine OEM components that are in excellent operating order and offer significant savings over purchasing them from new. Reputable auto-dismantlers should be sought out when purchasing old components. Our company, Ford Spares Scrap Yard, only sells high-quality items, and it does so at a fair price. Original items are not lower in quality than the new ones that we represent.

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    We Deliver Across Africa!

    Our salvage yards are the best in delivering parts across South Africa and Africa. We use only trusted couriers to ensure that your parts arrive quickly no matter where you are located within these regions: Zimbabwe, Namibia, Swaziland or Botswana!

    Sell Your Ford For Spares

    It's always difficult to part with an old car, but if you have a damaged Ford that is not running or has some other major issue then this might be the perfect opportunity. We buy anything--even pre-accident models!

    You Are In Safe Hands!

    There are a lot of scrapyards out there, but we've chosen the best ones. Our selection process is rigorous and our dedication to customer service shows in every part that leaves this warehouse for your vehicle's repair!

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