9 Common Ford Fiesta Problems

by Dec 15, 2022Problems

The Ford Fiesta is a beautiful car for the city, you must make sure you know the frequent problems that can occur. While most major failures always result in a recall, using this guide can save you money and hassle in troubleshooting. Read on and discover the common faults of the Ford Fiesta .

Fiestas are often used around town, so you should be constantly checking carefully for scratches, scuffs, and parking dings, plus make sure to examine your alloy wheels for curbs and scuff marks.

How good is the Ford Fiesta?

Even in this day and age, the Ford Fiesta is still among the most frequently driven automobiles in the world. Due to the sheer volume of vehicles that this huge company cranks out every year, there will inevitably be some malfunctions and mechanical issues with a fraction of their products. Despite this, it’s still a highly lucrative little town car, so don’t let that deter you from purchasing it.

The Fiesta ranked 16th in the category of compact and urban cars in a dependability study conducted by Whatcar. While the absolute score may not seem great, the percentage score when compared to competitors is rather good. The Fiesta also outperformed its main competitor, the Corsa. Out of a total of 31 automakers, Ford came in at #18.

Here are 11 Common  Ford Fiesta Problems

1. Airbags

Ford Fiestas with airbags installed during August 2001 – April 2004 have been the subject of several complaints. If the vehicle’s front crash detectors identify a problem, a warning light may illuminate, but the airbags may still deploy without warning if the car is in motion. Since this component requires care from a technician with expertise in this field, the manufacturer was forced to issue a recall.

3. Rear Axle Problem

Many 2002 Ford Fiestas have axle issues. The weld seam that connects the mounting plate for the brake unit to the rear axle of the automobile is a common cause of handbrake problems. If you are mechanically competent, you might try to weld the mounting plate back together.

3. Fuel Pipe Problem

Problematic gasoline pipes were installed in vehicles built between July 2004 to Feb 2005; these fuel lines did not meet the manufacturer’s usual quality standards and may deteriorate quickly. If your Fiesta has this issue, it might cause gasoline to leak and catch fire while driving. Repairing the leak requires installing a new pipe.

4. Steering Problem

Two frequent complaints about the Ford Fiesta’s handling are the vehicle’s power steering and lack of responsiveness. The company recalled cars in 2006 because of problems with the steering columns, which might make it difficult to steer.

The second concern is a failure of the power steering belt, which might cause instability in the power steering’s regulation. There should be no damage to the steering column, but if there is, it should be replaced.

5. Cabin Filter Problem

Wet spots on your car’s upholstery? If that’s the case, a clogged pollen filter might be to blame. There have been reports of water getting into the control area because of this component. This is a cheap and easy-to-replace component that may be found new or used.

6. Water Pump Problem

Grumbles and moans from the engine in some Fiestas are indications of a broken water pump. Idling at a light or in traffic is a sure way to hear the noise and should serve as a warning that anything is wrong. Unlike some other components, this one doesn’t need a trip to the auto shop to repair.

7. Hydraulic Clutch Problem

There has been a documented issue where the cylinder rod separates from the clutch pedal, making it one of the more manageable issues to resolve. Many customers have reported it, and it has even been seen on the Zetec series.

A symptom of this is a lack of responsiveness while shifting gears or engaging the clutch. You need to buy one new connection clip to fix this problem.

8. Exhaust Problem

The 2011 Ford Fiesta has a well-recognized problem: a blanking plug wasn’t put in place securely enough. The car’s cooling fan can melt, letting toxic chemicals inside. A Ford technician should have been able to resolve this issue since it resulted in a recall from the manufacturer.


9. Suspension Problem

Is your 2011 Ford Fiesta’s ride choppy and uncomfortable? If this is the case, maybe the bolts used to attach the back axle are not strong enough. A technician may inspect your car, determine whether or not it has faulty bolts, and repair them if necessary.


Final Thoughts

 The Ford Fiesta continues to be a top seller even now. Due to the sheer volume of cars produced by this company, there will inevitably be some defective models. Don’t let that deter you, however; this is a great option for a cheap daily driver in the city.

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