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Ford Gearboxes For All Models For Sale

We remove the gearboxes from wrecked Ford vehicles. Additionally, we import a variety of Ford gearboxes from outside South Africa. High-quality gearboxes with minimal wear-and-tear mileage are available from us at cheap costs. This means that when it comes to replacing your gearbox, our experts are here to assist.

Below is a list of our gearboxes. Write down the gearbox’s serial number. If you don’t know what gearbox number your car has, ask your local mechanic for help!

Please contact us even if your gearbox isn’t mentioned here. Most of the time, we’ll be able to locate your gearbox for you!


About Gearboxes

What Is A Gearbox? | What Is A Transmission?

A gearbox is a device used in the transmission of power from one part to another. It typically consists of gears, either helical or herringbone in shape, that mesh together to transmit torque and rotation. The number of gears ranges from two to six, with four being most common.

A transmission is a mechanical assembly which transmits power between rotating shafts by way of pulleys or belts. A typical example might be found in an automobile where there are at least three shafts: engine crankshaft; drive shaft running forward from the engine towards the front axle; and rear axle connected by means of universal joint on each side to drive shafts running back down the car’s length towards the differential. In this case, the transmission contains four shafts: input and output of the engine, and forward and rearward outputs from the differential.

The main gearbox components in a manual transmission are the same as in an automatic.

Types of Gearboxes

Manual Gearbox

It’s a multi-stage cylinder gearbox that allows for manual gear changing, and the manual gearbox is called a manual gearbox.

Automatic Gearbox

An automatic gearbox is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can change gears automatically as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.

There are two types of automatic gearboxes: planetary and torque converter, the latter also known as a fluid coupling.

Planetary gearbox

A planetary gearbox has three main components: a sun gear, a ring gear and a carrier. The gears are arranged so that the input shaft, sun gear and ring gear rotate at the same speed. The action of engaging a gear is achieved by selectively rotating one or more planet gears with respect to the sun and ring gears.

Ring Gear

A gear with a round cross-section which is mounted on a shaft so as to rotate freely about its axis. It is one of the driving gears in a gear train that makes use of meshing, toothed wheels or gears.


The carrier serves to connect the sun gear and ring gear in a planetary gearbox, in order that they may turn at the same speed.

Torque Converter

The torque converter is a fluid coupling device that provides an increase or decrease of torque through mechanical energy transformation in rotating systems. It consists of three main components: pump, turbine and stator. The increasing or decreasing oil pressure forces the turbine to rotate at various speeds depending on how much power is needed. The turbine then rotates the stator inside the pump, which in turn is connected to an output shaft that can be attached to a transmission or other load device.

How Gearboxes Work

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